Scout program
Scout program

Scout program

At the heart of effective deal sourcing & scouting is a strong reliance on one's network. Optimizing sourcing methods, we first identify the key contributors to our current deal flow.

Who is a Scout?

A Scout is someone deeply integrated into the tech creation or funding ecosystem, known for their connections with passionate innovators. Scout has access to a selection of potential investments in various asset classes but lacks the time for in-depth exploration of new ventures.

Why should you bring the deal to the community?

1. Focus - our members are busy building their own companies, sharing your dealflow with us allows you do both, build and invest. 2. Time - and its top quality members take care of the the communication, screening and the due diligence precesses. 3. Financial benefit - in case the suggested deal will get funded, scout is receiving a scouts fee.

How does the process look like?

We ask the Scout to share the deck with a backstory, explaining why is this investment potentially a good idea;
We ask the Scout to make an intro with founder / owner of the deal;
After the introduction is done, we will start our screening and investment processes;
If the community members decide to co-invest fulfilling the needed allocation, scout receives carried interest on that investment (7%, only if scout invests);
In situation of a scouted deal, team reserves the right not to invest themselves as it is mandatory for the scout to participate;
If the suggested opportunity was not funded, will put it on a watch list and perform regular check ins. Keep in mind, majority decides.