fff.vc members guide
fff.vc members guide

fff.vc members guide

🤝 We are glad that you are with us!

About Us (briefly and for the inner circle)

When you joined our community, you had a chat with one of our team members. As you know, we have teamed up to invest in promising startups from Baltics and Nordics.

Our secret sauce is a combination of dealflow and due diligence. We do not wait for the founders to send us a deck. We are constantly researching the market and asking “rising stars” to share their decks. We are valued for our due diligence process, which allows us not only to negotiate allocation size but also to share deals with larger VC funds that co-invest with fff.vc We are glad that you are with us and we want you to get the maximum profit from our community.

What do you get by being with fff.vc

✅ you get access to cool people to chat with and benefit together. They are the real elite: founders, senior technical specialists, financiers, super-marketers, and product management stars. We are happy to bring such a community together.

✅ you get access to cool deals that the fff.vc team also invests to. Our skin is in the game! We look for the best investment opportunities by evaluating the company's impact to a sustainable future and the ROI.

✅ you receive proposals for deals on secondaries market where we managed to agree on obtaining the maximum discount per share and achieve greater profitability.

About the core of the fff.vc


Akim Arhipov Founder and Engine Has rich experience and fresh vision which is used for our benefit.

Akim's gratitude to the community members: “We are happy that our community is expanding so quickly! It's amazing to be surrounded by the best people in the tech start-up and venture world and make deals together. This feeling of unity, while supported by processes and responsibility is inspiring. We do the best because we try for our entire community, for all of us, together.”

Tim Vaino Dealflow manager Communicates with startups, organizes processes


Deniss Antipenkov Growth manager Develops relationships with community members


Anton Ossipovski Communications manager Responsible for external relations

About the council of fff.vc

We keep abreast of the startup ecosystems of the region where we operate. Therefore, we created a council, where we involve competent members of the community in order to always have an up-to-date vision of the markets and receive feedback on the processes. These are the people who make us better!


Erik Kaju Director of Engineering at Wise LinkedIn


Viktor Gällström Founding Partner and Investment Manager at VEQ LinkedIn


Martin Villig Co-Founder of Bolt LinkedIn

Don't miss our news

To stay up to date on the news of fff.vc community, follow the news channels and chat: ✅ Linked ✅ Twitter ✅ Join the WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GfPEDVWv0jV9skjms69S67 ✅ If you're not receiving our deals newsletter, please check your spam folder or contact Anton anton@fff.vc to make sure your email is among the recipients. ✅ Be sure to meet other members of the community in person! That's what the Fellow Dinner initiative is for. You can join any dinner as a guest, or invite guests to your place. Such dinners are agreed in our WhatsApp group.

Proudly say that you are with the fff.vc

A community of the best is something to be proud of.

Add visibility of your membership in the FFF community on your LinkedIn page: 1. Mark yourself as a member of the community in the EXPERIENCE section:


2. Mention it in the description like: "I invest with fff" or “member of fff”


3. Do not forget to repost fresh news about your portfolio companies that you co-invested with fff.vc

4. If there are views among our LinkedIn posts that you share, repost them with your comment.

5. If you want a special community member avatar


contact Anton (anton@fff.vc).

Let the community grow!

Let's make our network wider! A bigger community gives us all more opportunities. Firstly, community members can find more useful connections here. Secondly, a larger number of fff.vc members will allow us to receive a greater allocation in deals, negotiate greater discounts and be more likely to raise funds for startups in which we are confident and decide to invest in.

If you have the following people in your network: 👍 active angel investors 👍 VC funds partners 👍 family offices managers 👍 people who want to try investing in startups - make sure to connect them with Deniss (deniss@fff.vc).

There is an opinion that investors are a kind of closed community, especially if they are focused on numbers and checking the investment attractiveness of projects. We build the most friendly community of investors. Moreover, we do not have a membership fee or anything like that. Since you are with us, you already know our principles of work. Let's invest together!

Community members about fff.vc

fff.vc - is a great way to access different deal flows that have been qualified by like-minded people who know what they are doing. Also an excellent opportunity to network with business angels from our Finest Bay Area region.

Kustaa Valtonen entrepreneur and angel investor LinkedIn

fff.vc - is a great network and the setup with FFFs doing the initial DD is awesome.

Gustav Ek co-founder of Moank LinkedIn

fff.vc is a good way to follow what is happening in the Baltic and Nordics in the field of early-stage investment. FFF conducts due diligence and creates a quality deal flow.

Risto Rossar founder of Insly LinkedIn

I joined to fff.vc to learn from more seasoned investors and to get access to the deal flow which would be out of reach for me as an individual investor.

Kristjan Novitski co-founder of EveryPay, Advisor, Investor LinkedIn

First of all, this is a good way to follow what is happening in the Baltic and Nordics in the field of early stage investment. FFF conducts due diligence and creates a quality deal flow.

Viktor Gällström founding partner and investment manager VEQ LinkedIn

Watch an interview with Risto Rossar, founder of Insly one of the startups that our community invested in