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Family office for self-directed investors

We are the movement towards democratizing personalized wealth management that was once the preserve of the ultra-wealthy


We aim to democratize personalized wealth management, a service traditionally reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

We believe that:

  1. Financial superpowers should belong to everyone.
  2. The best quality decisions start from discussions with fellows, not spreadsheets.

In today's fast-paced world, managing diverse assets amidst constant global changes can be challenging. This often results in a sense of isolation and difficulty in making timely, informed financial decisions.

We advocate for a community-oriented approach that enhances decision-making and reduces the isolation often felt in financial planning and investing.

What we build?

We build a digital family office designed specifically for self-directed investors with liquid assets ranging from $300k to $5M. This app provides access to high-caliber services typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy, including financial planning, portfolio management, cash flow planning, embedded investment products, and on-demand concierge services.

Utilizing open banking, data science, and LLMs, our platform enables users to seamlessly connect their accounts for a detailed overview of both their public and private portfolios. Afterwards, the AI delivers actionable insights and access to partner products to optimize their financial performance.

Distinct from traditional private banks and robo-advisors, our platform promotes a community-oriented approach that supports better decision-making and alleviates the often isolating experience of financial planning and investing.


Entrepreneurs, employees of tech companies, and corporate executives whose assets are not adequately addressed by private banks:

  • They manage portfolios on their own and it’s not their primary job;
  • Have $300k-$5M in assets;
  • Hold diverse public & private portfolios in 3+ banks, brokers and fintechs;
  • Struggle to see holistic view of their portfolio in connection with market, country, inflation and currency risks;
  • Struggle with time and quality of investment decisions in such dynamically changing environment;
  • Feel lonely to maintain systematic approach to portfolio management & financial planning.


Lack of a holistic portfolio view

Independent investors are navigating a fragmented financial landscape with investments spread across various institutions, lacking a unified view of their portfolios.

Lack of time & isolation

Are you earning optimal interest on your deposits to meet your objectives? Prepared for a significant liquidity event? Are your investments shielded from country-specific risks? Often, superior alternatives exist beyond our immediate scope due to time constraints.

High costs and lack of neutrality

Traditional wealth advisors & private bankers often come with high fees and tend to promote their own products, prioritizing their interests over their clients'.

The rapid pace of market changes, combined with the complexity of managing diversified assets, poses significant challenges in making timely, informed decisions. This fragmentation leads to a feeling of isolation, hindering systematic financial planning and portfolio management.


In one platform, member use the software with the help of dedicated manager and expert community. We are harnessing the power of open banking, data science and LLMs. All that with a seamless execution, aligned interests and user friendly interface.

Our go-to-market and traction

We run 360-person wealth management community and just recently released the platform with new version of Community and Invest components. People love it!

With a powerful 21 members testing our Beta version, we will release the Family Office component with a few features that they indicated as they are ready to pay:

  • Investment & net worth tracking: connect your investment accounts and get a consolidated view of your portfolio. Get signals if your positions are overexposed to market, country, inflation and currency risks;
  • Investment products tracker: get better terms on investment products you already use;
  • Cash flow planning: effectively plan for future financial events.

Our services extend beyond mere investment advice, offering comprehensive access to a variety of services. Importantly, we do not directly handle the user’s funds.

Every client is assigned a dedicated manager, who leverages AI agents to simultaneously support 100-200 clients. Concurrently, the product team designs tools centered on customer needs and AI agents for the managers. Our operations team builds and maintains relationships with reliable partners and financial institutions to embed them into our system.

What can we offer in 3 years?
  • An ultimate vision of what the fff.vc family office can offer:
  • Products
    How it works?
    Structure & protect
    Investment & Net worth tracking
    You need a holistic view of your portfolio in connection with market, country, inflation and currency risks. You want to track performance, receive signals and benchmark against other portfolios.
    Connect securely all your global banks and brokers to have a holistic view of your portfolio across all asset classes. Understand your portfolio exposures and track investment performance. It's powered by 30+ market intelligence database connections and AI insights.
    Portfolio management
    You want to set up and hit your investment goals.
    Our manager will help to create multiple strategies based on your goals. We are neutral - we don't sell our own financial products, but we enable you to implement strategies on your own or orchestrate them with 300+ connected banks, brokers, and funds.
    Cash flow planning
    You want effectively plan a stock & real estate sale, new home & car purchase, family addition, immigration, retirement, and other big events. You want to find out how to structure in the most cost efficient way and where to reinvest proceeds to reach your goals.
    Add your goals and our cash flow planning tool will suggest multiple scenarios.
    Portfolio audit
    You need to rebalance your portfolio to ensure it is diversified across geographies, sectors, and asset classes for optimal risk-adjusted returns.
    You will build a diversified portfolio together with a professional financial planner.
    You are looking for a guidance in specific legal, tax, accounting, insurance or estate planning task and looking for a professional to help you.
    Your manager will help to collect your request and execute with our vetted partners. You will be notified if you need to do anything and will be kept up-to-date in the task manager.
    Asset protection
    Your holdings require infrastructure avoiding market, country concentration, inflation and currency risks.
    Your manager will help to collect your request and execute with our vetted partners. Your holdings will be audited by our vetted partner, a financial planner & strategist, and ways to optimize its exposure to risks will be discussed.
    Products tracker
    You want to know what products are available on the market and if they offer better terms than what you already have (e.g. better interest on deposits)
    System benchmark your positions with products from the market. As soon as a new offering is available, you receive a signal and list of alternatives.
    Vetted alternative investments
    You build your own private market portfolio. You want to build deal flow and co-invest in syndicates.
    You get vetted deal flow in venture capital, private equity, real estate and private credit. Access it with small check via syndicates.
    Vetted investment products
    You build your own public market portfolio. You want to spend less on fees and time on search.
    You get notified about unique investment opportunities from our partners who invest and lend in real estate, agriculture, wine, art and other alternatives.
    Optimize for future events
    Future events planning
    You expect lifestyle changing events like stock sale, new home purchase, family addition, immigration, retirement or other big change.
    Your manager will help you formulate a strategy that maximizes tax efficiency and gets the best results. Our vetted legal, tax, estate planning, and finance partners will help with execution.
    Help with M&A or stock sale
    You want to sell your company or stake in one of your investments. You need help.
    Learn how much your stake is worth, discuss tax implications with advisor, get a list of potential buyers, and execute according to our guide.
    Community & lifestyle
    Community support
    You want to meet cool people and stay on top of the latest economic, financial, and technological developments.
    Connect with people, attend workshops, learn courses, read weekly digests to make informed financial decisions.
    Health & longevity
    You want to make sure health is under control for you and your family.
    Get the most innovative health, wellness, longevity, and insurance products at a better price from our partners.
    You want to enjoy weekend away and connect with your fellow members in person.
    Join unique experiences in unique locations hosted by our members. Dopamine sobriety is guaranteed.


How do we build trust?
  1. We pledge to uphold transparency and trustworthiness, drawing inspiration from our fellow Estonians at Wise. No hidden fees or obscure practices.
  2. For two years, over 360 founders, executives, and business owners have placed their trust in us. Together, we have invested in 12 private market opportunities, totaling more than 8 million EUR. Notably, every third unicorn founder from the Baltics and Nordics is a member of our community. Additionally, our membership includes esteemed figures such as a former prime minister and president of Estonia.
  3. Our trustworthiness has encouraged members to introduce others, allowing us to achieve growth through referrals without spending on acquisition.
  4. Our services extend beyond mere investment advice, offering comprehensive access to a variety of tools. Importantly, we do not directly handle the user’s funds.

Why Now

In the last five years, our clients earned significant returns investing in indexes & crypto as well as seeing their own stock options rise. However, the market becomes very overheated and eventually leads to recession. Independent investors feel stressed and need tools that not only keep pace with these changes but also offer strategic advantage and community support.

Trends and state of the market

Several market trends and economic factors make this the right time for the company and its product:

  • Market volatility: the economic uncertainty is driving individual investors to seek wealth preservation solutions, creating a demand for tax optimization and wealth management services;
  • Value consciousness: economic downturns make people scrutinize their assets more carefully, thus creating an opening for cost-effective, value-added services;
  • Lack of time and expertise: individual investors often don't have the time or expertise to navigate investing, taxes and legal issues, increasing the need for a streamlined, digital solution;
  • Tailored solutions: we aim to combine professional managers expertise with AI and software to provide a more scalable, affordable, and specialized service for our clients. A tech-savvy approach to wealth management fills a gap that traditional firms have not been able to address effectively;
  • High costs of traditional methods: traditional wealth management institutions charge an average of 2% on assets under management, which results to a high churn of affluent customers. This is the right time to disrupt this model with subscription and on-demand services.
  • AI race: YC W24 batch shows a distinct trend in AI tools for wealth management - 12 companies automate routine of wealth managers and financial advisors.
  • Community and network effect: we already have a strong 360-person wealth management community, and we also have traction with wealthy founders and executives.
  • IPOs: CB Insights highlights a pool of 257 venture-backed companies (100,000+ high stock option employees) that might consider going public in the next 12 to 18 months. This target cohort will grow significantly in the next 2-5 years.
  • Generational wealth transfer of $3.6T to Gen X & Millenials by 2030. Tens of thousands business owners will sell or transfer their wealth to digital savvy new generation investors.


The target market consists of independent investors managing assets between $300k and $5M, a demographic that includes millions of individuals globally. This segment is underserved by traditional multi-family offices and private banking wealth managers, presenting a significant opportunity to capture a portion of the multi-trillion-dollar wealth management industry.


While traditional multi-family offices, wealth managers and private banks represent the conventional competition, they often fail to offer digital, personalised, holistic and community-driven experience that independent investors seek. Our unique blend of personalized tools and community support sets us apart, offering a compelling alternative to these traditional solutions.

Business Model

Unlike the traditional 1-2% assets under management fee from traditional advisors, our revenue model is based on subscriptions.

You can join the community completely for free and get weekly digest, attend workshops and meet fellow members.

Paid subscription grants users access to much more: the family office tools and dedicated manager who help you to achieve your financial goals.

Additionally, we earn: a) referral fees by sharing a percentage of revenue with our partners. Our monetization strategy involves promoting financial and advisory products from third-party companies. Whenever users sign up for recommended products - such as deposits, insurance, investment funds, estate planning services and others - we receive a fee from these referrals. We utilize data to enhance the value we provide to both users and financial partners.

b) management fees by doing syndicates

Our acquisition is driven mainly via word of mouth with over 300 affluent members were onboarded within the last few months with 0$ spent on marketing.

Let’s chat

Book a meeting here. Check fff.vc for our product offerings.