Deal: Supliful

Intro request: Interested to get in touch with founders


Supliful.com is an innovative platform designed to simplify the process of launching and managing a private label supplement brand. It provides entrepreneurs and businesses with the tools to create custom supplement products without the hassle of inventory management, production, or fulfillment. By handling these logistical aspects, Supliful enables users to focus on branding, marketing, and growing their business. The platform offers a wide range of high-quality supplements, customizable packaging options, and a seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, making it easier than ever to enter the supplement market and scale operations efficiently.-


Key metrics in April ‘24 (YoY)

  • GMV: $3.3m vs $24m (7.4x increase)
  • Net Revenue: $2.7m vs $10.5m (3.9x increase)
  • Shopify Stores: 6’173 vs 14,595 (2.6x increase)
  • Items Sold: 27k vs 155k (5.7x increase)
  • YoY revenue growth rate: +288%


fff has looked into Supliful a bit more than a year ago, being ready to invest and put together a syndicate. Back then, the minimum threshold was not met and we passed all the interested members directly to the founding team.

Martins, the founder came back to us recently, raising a new round. The progress is there to see and despite the fact that Printify has launched a similar line of business, niche turned out to be rather specific with them struggling to establish a streamlined business as of today.

Since Bad.Ideas has (and is continuing) to invest in Supliful, fff believes (but is not sure) there are some of its members on board already.

Key info

Founders: Martins Lasmanis (CEO & Co-founder) / Rihards Piks (CMO & Co-founder) / Rudolfs J. (CTO & Co-founder)

Round size: 1m€ / Pre-Series A

Available allocation: 500k€

Participating Investors: Bad.Ideas

Pitch Deck