Deal: Roofit.Solar

Intro request: Interested to get in touch with founders


Roofit.Solar, an award-winning provider of solar roofs, combines traditional metal roof and modern solar tech. Installed over 1,000 solar roofs in 22 countries and generates revenue through a proven B2BC distribution model. Has 8 years of experience and certified, proven solar roof technology with revenue growth from 2018 to 2024. Raising €6m to prepare for rooftop solar legislative obligation, aiming to become leading solar roof provider in EU and reach break-even.


This is the round that will go mostly for the cost optimisation in order to make the product more competitive. Focus is on taking the production to China and establishing the closer to the customer marketing strategy. KPMG is facilitating this deal.

We had a call with both, Management of the company and KPMG. As this deal was not popular during last time we offering, will not be syndicating but is happy to connect all the interested people to the founding team.

Key info

Founders: Andres Anijalg (CEO) / Raimond Russak (CFO)

Round size: 6m€ / Series A

Available allocation: 4.5m€

Participating Investors: SmartCap / German NDA investor

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