Deal: Miros

Intro request: Interested to get in touch with founders


Miros is a deep tech company dedicated to building out a next generation of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). We believe that computers could have the potential to understand humans much better and deeper, but currently they don’t know how to listen.

Miros is on a mission to build a future where users don’t have to translate their wishes in order to cater to the needs of computers, but can instead interact with computers in a humanly intuitive, conversational fashion.

  • Traction: €428k ARR runrate today, €1M signed deals, €1.6m in active pipeline across 40+ deals
  • Proven Team: Multiple prior exits + founded top 1% AI lab in Europe Market Leadership: Outperforms Google and Algolia by 10x.
  • Conversion Boost: 2x increase for e-Commerce retailers.
  • Cost Reduction: Slashes customer acquisition costs by 56%.
  • User Engagement: 160k MAUs, with Miros-users responsible for 10+% of customer revenue.
  • Data Analytics: 180m user events now collected monthly.
  • Product Recommendations: 2.5m products recommended last month.
  • Growth & Awards: 7.4x YoY growth, 18+% MoM average growth. Winner of CogX Top AI RetailTech Startup


This deal came on our table directly from the founder. We had a brief call and believe this is a good deal to share with fff community. The round is currently opened and filling up as we speak. Founder was interested to see if there are interested members of the community wishing to participate.

In case of significant interest, fff might consider this deal for syndication. Let us know in case you are interested!

Key info

Founders: Heikki Haldre (Founder)

Round size: 2.5m€ / Seed

Available allocation: 1.2m€

Participating Investors: Tera VC / Specialst VC