Deal: Furnisystems

Intro request: Interested to get in touch with founders


Furnisystems is an e-commerce platform designed specifically for the furniture industry. It addresses the problem of product variant complexity in the furniture industry, which traditional e-commerce platforms struggle with. The platform has been in development for 3 years and has already shown significant improvements in sales operations, product management, and marketing integrations for its users.

The platform's features include a digital catalog, a B2B dealer interface, communication automation, and B2C reach. It has a SaaS business model with three tiers: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. The company is currently in the pre-seed stage, seeking to raise €500k to hit €50k MRR in 12 months.

Furnisystems has already gained some traction, with 200 companies in the pipeline, 7 contracts signed, and a current MRR of €1.5k. The long-term goal is to become the core tool for furniture sales for factories, dealers, and architects/designers.


This deal was found during the scouting mission in Lithuania. Tim Vaino spent quite some time looking into this opportunity and can provide some insights upon the request. In the end, the stage was deemed to early for fff.vc to get engaged but the idea of the startup is truly global and industry-changing.

During the time spent, Tim conducted competitor analyses and customer calls, while talking to the current investors and the team, which seems more than capable for the job.

Key info

Founders: Airidas Juskaitis (CEO & Co-founder) / Egidijus Ambražas (CTO & Co-founder) / Rokas Zaveckas (Head of Sales & Co-Founder)

Round size: 500k€ / Seed

Available allocation: 250k€

Participating Investors: FIRSTPICK

Pitch Deck