Deal: Enzum

Intro request: Interested to get in touch with founders


Enzum develops prediction software for industrial battery efficiency and health. Utilizes machine learning and AI to reduce energy waste, enabling Renewable Independent Power Producers in Central Europe and the Nordics to lower energy storage system operating costs and generate revenue through energy trading. Product features include dynamic charging scheduling algorithms, battery status monitoring and forecasting, and predictive maintenance modeling for battery health.


Had a call with a founder, unfortunately the stage is too early for the fff.vc to syndicate. The team seemed very strong and the go-to market strategy seemed solid. Several customers ready to pilot the MVP version, 2 LOIs from bigger customers ready to try the product once ready.

There is a lot of interest towards them on the market so we would suggest to make moves as soon as possible.

Key info

Founders: Mary Boryslawska (Co-founder & CEO) / Ana Gerlich (Co-founder & CTO)

Round size: 500k€ / Pre-Seed

Available allocation: 250k€

Participating Investors: Lemonade Stand / Techstars

Pitch Deck