Deal: Cara.health

Intro request: Interested to get in touch with founders


CARÁ is an all-in-one health and well-being app for expectant mothers, providing essential resources throughout the maternity period. The app offers personalized service, product, and reading recommendations based on user's health diary and pregnancy week.

Since its launch, CARÁ has gained significant traction, becoming the top free medical app in Estonia and ranking 16th in Germany within 24 hours. The app has over 5.6K downloads, 3.2K monthly active users, and an average engagement time of 20 minutes.


Tim met this team via Change Ventures. The team passed the due diligence but unfortunately did not fit the model due to ownership strategy while investing. Sten Tamkivi looked into this deal from Plural, liked them a lot but deemed it to be too early-stage. Since then, Care has attracted interest from local and international funds, while Tera VC decided to lead the round with 600k€, term sheet signed.

As things stand, founders are in Germany and are in talks with Auxxo, a fund backing female founders, having last bit of allocation up for grabs.

One of the weak spots of the team is lack of an in-house CTO at this stage.

Key info

Founders: Anna Sarreither (CEO & Co-founder) / Keiro Vantsi (CPO & Co-founder) / Carina Vantsi (CMO & Co-founder)

Round size: 1m€ / Seed

Available allocation: ca.270k€

Participating Investors: Tera VC / Istambul Startups

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