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Letsinvest is a dynamic investment platform dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to participate in diverse investment opportunities across Europe. By providing access to a broad range of investment options, including real estate, startups, and green energy projects, Letsinvest aims to democratize the investment landscape and facilitate wealth creation.

The platform emphasizes transparency, security, and ease of use, offering detailed insights and analytics to help users make informed decisions. Letsinvest stands out by fostering a community of investors and providing educational resources to enhance financial literacy and investment acumen.

Supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. Proven track record of zero late payments. Investors receive a weighted average return of 10.03% per annum.

Co-investors participate directly by lending money to the project owner. Maximum LTV ratio is 70%.


Vytenis Kinduris is a member of the fff.club. He has a relevant experience in the sector and for the past 4.5y has been building up Let’s invest, investing himself directly.

After spending a brief time with fff.club he approached us with a proposal to refer his heal as this seems to be a good fit for small and medium size investors.

We are happy to share this deal with our community.

Key info

CEO: Vytenis Kinduris

Raised until today: 28mm+€

Profits to investors (so far): 1.2m€

Funded projects: 23

Interest rates: 10% on average, varies from 7-12% per annum

Offer to participate for for fff.club members: 500€

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