How we work?
How we work?

How we work?

Our purpose: unite and allow access to private market asset classes to people in tech.
We are founders, executives and angel investors with strong expertise in the technology and financial sectors.
We are interested in private market investment opportunities such as SME & startups, private credit, VC/PE/RE funds, stock options financing and others.
We operate on deal-by-deal basis with no upfront cash commitments. We are not a fund!
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We have skin in the game as all of the deals within the are co-investment deals. team is always participating themselves.
We are external advisory board of skilled tech professionals in addition to cash we invest.
Wealth optimisation is becoming more of a topic considering the uncertain market situation and the top collective capacity of our members.
We screen high-grade deals and perform due diligence utilising the diverse skills of our members. We spend hundreds of hours on evaluating the deals and making the investment process smooth for the community.

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