How we work

Our purpose Unite and allow access to private market asset classes to people in tech.

We are founders, executives and angel investors with strong expertise in the technology and financial sectors.

We are interested in private market investment opportunities such as SME & startups, private credit, VC/PE/RE funds, stock options financing and others.

We operate on deal-by-deal basis with no upfront cash commitments. We are not a fund!

We have skin in the game as all of the deals within the are co-investment deals. team is always participating themselves.

We are external advisory board of skilled tech professionals in addition to cash we invest.

Wealth optimisation is becoming more of a topic considering the uncertain market situation and the top collective capacity of our members.

We screen high-grade deals and perform due diligence utilising the diverse skills of our members. We spend hundreds of hours on evaluating the deals and making the investment process smooth for the community.

The investment process

Sourcing pre-screens around 50+ investment opportunities monthly. Qualification and workshops selects 2–4 investment opportunities monthly and deep dive into their business and potential. Due diligence performs enhanced due diligence on the 1–2 selected deals. The members of the are involved in creating the investment adding the needed competence. allocates up to 30 hours for each qualified opportunity before being shared with the community. Pitching

We do it collectively! invites founders/ management board members for a Q/A session where members can challenge them and ask their questions. Decision

If you are ready to co-invest with the team, submit the pre-sent form to indicate your exact interest. Closing uses SPV setup (Estonian jurisdiction) or Odin (UK jurisdiction) for the syndication. All investors will become the shareholders of the SPV, and team will manage the created SPVs. All investors pay their investment into the SPV as a share capital contribution, which the SPV will thereafter invest into the target company respectfully. PS! We are proud to work with Valter Võhma from Triniti Law Firm.

Scouts program

At the heart of effective deal sourcing & scouting is a strong reliance on one's network. Optimizing sourcing methods, we first identify the key contributors to our current deal flow.

Who is a Scout?

A Scout is someone deeply integrated into the tech creation or funding ecosystem, known for their connections with passionate innovators. Scout has access to a selection of potential investments in various asset classes but lacks the time for in-depth exploration of new ventures.

Why should you bring the deal to the community?

Focus Our members are busy building their own companies, sharing your dealflow with us allows you do both, build and invest.

Time and its top quality members take care of the the communication, screening and the due diligence precesses.

Financial benefit In case the suggested deal will get funded, scout is receiving a scouts fee.

How does the process look like?

1. We ask the Scout to share the deck with a backstory, explaining why is this investment potentially a good idea; 2. We ask the Scout to make an intro with founder / owner of the deal; 3. After the introduction is done, we will start our screening and investment processes; 4. If the community members decide to co-invest fulfilling the needed allocation, scout receives carried interest on that investment (7%, only if scout invests);

In situation of a scouted deal, team reserves the right not to invest themselves as it is mandatory for the scout to participate;

If the suggested opportunity was not funded, will put it on a watch list and perform regular check ins. Keep in mind, majority decides.

How do we cover costs

The business model the community operates with is simple and transparent. It is based purely on success. is operating on the two ended business model. In case there is a deal being successfully syndicated, is charging 7% fee from the invested amount + applies 7% Carried interest to the profits of the SPV in case of liquidity.

7% fee In case the member of the is investing 10k, the amount that actually reaches the investment is 9300, while 700 is being kept by

7% carried interest If SPV is making profit in case of the liquidity event, will keep 7% and distribute the remaining according to the SHA.

Minimum ticket size to participate in the deals is € 10,000